Look, I hate to complain but it has been brought to my attention that there are small policies at some Twin Falls restaurants that are causing people to never eat there again!

According to some Twin Falls residences you will be charged extra if you order an extra side of ranch. When you are spending $19 on an entree, you should be able to get a side of ranch for free. Right?

Residences are also upset that older kids can't eat off of the kids menu. Some kids don't eat a lot. So the portion size of a kids meal is perfect for them. But most Twin Falls restaurants have policies that only kids under 10 or 12 can order off the kids menu.

None of these things really bother me but if you put canned mushrooms on my salad...I am never coming back. Never!

I think we all have our little complaints. What's yours?

Please note...there are some great restaurants in Twin Falls with great food and awesome customer service. We just wish they wouldn't charge us for an extra side of ranch!