The devoted team at Rockstar Games is working hard at trying to iron out all the kinks for the people having trouble transferring old GTA Online characters.

Rockstar Games has released a statement addressing a problem reported by many people trying to transfer their old GTA Online accounts over to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One remastered versions of the game. Those who have not played GTA Online at all throughout 2014 and only played during 2013 have been getting trouble trying to find their GTA Online data linked to their Rockstar Social Club account.

Rockstar has addressed this issue with a patch for both PS4 and PS3 versions of GTA Online. We suggest trying to access the account on your last-gen console first before trying to access the next-gen version (if you have both versions still), just so the system re-recognizes your old character. After this patch, PS4 users should no longer be having issues. A patch for the Xbox One and Xbox 360 addressing the same issue should be released by Nov. 19.

Hopefully the STDs don't transfer over also: