To celebrate 40 years of making music with drummer Neil Peart, Rush plan to hit the road next year for a new tour. They hope to kick off the tour in the spring.

Guitarist Alex Lifeson revealed the news at the Robby Krieger St. Jude Invitational golf classic last month, which is documented in a new video. "We're talking about putting a tour together for next spring," Lifeson said. "I can't believe it's been 40 years already, but I hope for another 40."

At the golf event, which benefits the Memphis-based St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Lifeson joined some other golfers -- including Doors guitarist Krieger, Sebastian Bach and KissTommy Thayer -- for an impromptu jam session that featured covers of Rush’s ‘Working Man’ and Chicago‘s ‘Saturday in the Park.’

Meanwhile, Rush are celebrating their 40th anniversary with a new video box set, 'R40,' which includes five concert movies (‘Rush in Rio,’ ‘R30,’ ‘Snakes & Arrows Live,’ ‘Time Machine’ and ‘Clockwork Angels Tour’) and a bonus disc of footage that dips all the way back to a 1974 set from the Laura Secord Secondary School with original drummer John Rutsey. The box comes out on Nov. 11.

Rush's last album, 'Clockwork Angels,' came out in 2012, and debuted at No. 2. Presumably, this proposed tour for next year will keep them busy for a while. So we probably shouldn't expect any new music from the trio anytime soon.

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