Here are the changes that were made to the parade route for Sagebrush Days in 2017.

Google Maps

The map above is what the parade route looked like through 2016. The parade started at Burly Ave and ran northeast up Main, then southeast down Broadway, south on Fair Ave, then west on Sprague to Milner, where the floats would disperse at Burley Avenue.

Now here's the new route. (Above map is interactive - You can zoom for better viewing) The parade will start on Hwy 30 and head west on Burley Ave. From there, the route pretty much sticks to the old plan... (Northeast up main, then southeast on Broadway.) From there, the parade continues west onto Hwy 30 and ends pretty much where it started.

The core of the route is unchanged but the start and finish points have changed significantly. Form a birds-eye view, it looks to be a more efficient route than the previous.

We've noticed some social media comments that say the new route leaves some spectators out of the loop; specifically a nursing home on Sprague.


We contacted the Buhl Chamber of Commerce to inquire about the change and we have not yet received a response.