TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX) – When the Salvation Army Thrift Store reopens next spring, it will look much different than it did when it closed late this summer.

The 6,500-square foot building, located at 210 Second Ave. South, is being remodeled with new walls, fixtures and flooring. It’s the flooring, however, that might cause a bit of delay in its reopening.

The Salvation Army Thrift Store at 210 Second Ave. South in Twin Falls is closed temporarily for renovation, but the organization plans to reopen the store tentatively in March. (Photo by Andrew Weeks)

Lt. Troy Cook said he hopes to reopen the store sometime in March, but workers ran into problems with the flooring and new cement will have to be poured. That won’t happen for several weeks yet, he said, and once it is poured it’ll take another 28 days for the cement to settle.

“It’s been tough,” Cook said. “We get excited, but then we hit a brick wall and have to stop.”

He said there won’t be much different about the outside of the building, but inside everything will look new.

“There’ll be more work done inside than outside,” he said. “I wish we had more money to do the outside too, but we’re not able to.”

He also said police have stepped up patrols of the property and surrounding area while it is closed because there have been some incidences of theft and vandalism.