Free Fishing Days 2015 - Fish and Game Screencap

Some people use the warm weather as an excuse to stay inside with the cold air blowing non-stop. Others use this time of year to get outside and enjoy nature… which can also be relaxing and fun. Here is a free way to get outside with your family and learn to fish and maybe catch dinner. 

Saturday is the free fishing day at the Hagerman Fish Hatchery Oster Lake 1! Go out and fish, enjoy nature, and have some good family time. The Idaho Fish and Game has a trailer that they'll have there and they take it to certain ponds and lakes through the summer for free fishing days.

The trailer is full of fishing rods and reels so you can borrow their equipment to take you and your family fishing. The list of free fishing days where you will find the trailer is above and at the Fish and Game website.

All trailer events are from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. unless noted above.