STANLEY, Idaho (News Release) – The Sawtooth National Recreation Area is opening campgrounds along the Salmon River in response to demand created by steelhead fishing season.

Mormon Bend and Salmon River Campgrounds are located downriver from Stanley in close proximity to popular fishing areas and will be available to the public for an overnight fee of $5. No water or trash collection will be available but restrooms will be open.

Sawtooth NRA Deputy Area Ranger Barbara Garcia stressed the need for anglers to use the campgrounds rather than camping along Highway 75 for safety reasons.

“Camp trailers in turnouts along the narrow, twisty Salmon River road create considerable safety hazards due to limited visibility, especially in the vicinity of the Yankee Fork confluence” Garcia said.

Sawtooth NRA Recreation Manager Susan James said anglers should “refrain from building fires outside of designated fire rings to prevent damage to paved surfaces underneath the snow and to limit the cleaning required of the campsites after the snow melts.” She also said fishermen should scout the area before they leave and take any garbage with them, including discarded fishing line.

For additional information, contact the Stanley Ranger Station at 208-774-3000.