Many of you voted either for, or against school levy's yesterday. It is no surprise that all Southern Idaho school's are overcrowded due to our rapid population increase over the last few years. With the population increase our schools need more money to build new facility's, hire more staff and stay up to date on education and technology.

Filer School District, Shoshone School District, Hansen School District and Castleford School District all held school levy voting yesterday. Cassia County School district held voting on a school bond.

Cassia School District needed two-thirds of votes in favor to pass the $14.9 million bond. The bond received 2658 votes in favor, reaching 58...but the bond needed 66 to pass. It did not pass.

Filer School District passes their school levy with 671 votes cast and 371 in favor of the levy.

Shoshone School District saw 250 voters. 119 of the 250 voted against the levy passing Shoshones School Districts levy.

The Hansen School District levy for $100,000 passed with 66 percent of the vote last night. The levy needed 55 percent in favor to pass.

Castleford School District also passed their school levy. The levy was for $350,000. It passed with 76 percent of the votes.