For decades, all of us that live in the American West have known that a big earthquake is possible in California. Now, some scientists believe that "The Big One" could be way bigger than they ever imagined because of what they've just discovered.

The smartest people in the room have discovered a "tear" on the Ring of Fire. Here's what they're saying, as reported by The Express:

The tear, known as the Banda Detachment, was formed when one tectonic plate slid under another, ultimately sinking the Earth’s crust into the mantle.

However, a sudden slip now could lead to one of the largest earthquakes in history and spark mega-tsunamis.

The bottom line is that the severity of any mega-quake could be much greater than previously thought, possibly up to a 9.2. Despite the fact that the San Andreas is the most likely fault to let go at some point, any quake that large would be felt (and likely affect) a great portion of the western part of the US.