Adam Sandoval and his Chihuahua, Scooter, have been riding their motorcycle over the past 200 days since embarking on their epic journey to visit every Harley-Davidson dealership in the lower 48 states. Known as Scootin’ America, the charity ride, created to raise money for the children of fallen soldiers, is now firmly on pace to break three world records; the most miles ridden in one country on a single run, the largest group ride and the longest charity ride in history.

Stopping only to sleep and avoid severe weather, the pair have been on the road virtually every day since they started November 10th of last year. To date, Adam and Scooter have visited over 300 dealerships, crossed 17 states and raised over $100,000 for The American Legion’s Legacy Fund, which helps to ensure that higher education is a possibility for children whose parents lost their lives for our country. Sandoval has self-funded the majority of the trip, using the proceeds from the sale of this his home, vehicles, etc. to finance the effort.

For more information or to send donations, contact ScootinAmerica at 952-715-1310,
1638 83rd Street, New Richmond, WI 54017, or by emailing at