Extravagant rider demands made by members of the Scorpions have reportedly blown the winds of change through Finland, leaving inflated ticket prices in their wake.

The band's mid-July appearance at the Finnish Lahden Yot festival reportedly came with a whole bunch of strings attached -- so many that promoters say they were forced to add roughly $40 to the price of a single-day ticket, bringing the total cost to nearly $100. The backlash that followed prompted Allu Koskinen, the organizer of Finland's RockCock Festival, to go public regarding his own struggles with the Scorpions' rider in advance of the band's appearance at the event.

Although Koskinen declined to discuss specific details, the rider is rumored to be 38-pages long, and reportedly includes individual limousines for all five Scorpions (driven by chauffeurs in matching uniforms) and private porcelain toilets for each band member. In his interview with the Finnish newspaper Savon Sanomat, Koskinen did admit that after ticket prices were announced, the veteran rockers surprised him with additional requirements, including a stage design dwarfing anything constructed in RockCock history.

"The demands are pretty tough, but we can make them happen nonetheless," Koskinen said in the interview. "We're talking about tens of thousands of euros."

After witnessing the negative publicity that shrouded Lahden Yot, Koskinen was understandably reluctant to hike RockCock prices. As he told the paper, "We didn’t and still don’t want to raise the ticket prices, even though the pressure is on due to these extra expenses. We just have to hope for a great turnout. ... We want to be involved in big circles. We'll look at how this year's production goes and base future policies on the results."

The 2014 edition of RockCock, the 12th in the festival's history, was held on July 25 and 26. Sales numbers weren't divulged beforehand, but Koskinen sounded hopeful: "According to our information, fans from all over Finland and even abroad are coming to witness the rock 'n' roll spectacle."