SALMON, Idaho (KTVB) - On Wednesday - five days after DeOrr Kunz Jr. disappeared while on a fishing trip with his family at the Timber Creek Campground - there was still no trace of the little blond-haired boy.

But search crews blazed on. Tanisha Kunz spoke on behalf of the parents Wednesday. They are all camped out less than a mile from search crews - giving divers some to work, but saying they won't leave until their child is found. And crews were at it Wednesday, following the nose of tracking dogs again and diving into nearby Stone Reservoir - for the second time.

"The canines are giving us indication that that's where we need to be, Lemhi County Sheriff's Office Deputy Chief Steve Penner said. Penner explained - besides volunteers - Lemhi County is handling this search on their own. Search for missing boy to continue with dogs. DeOrr went missing last Friday off Timber Creek Road while camping with his mother and father, grandpa and his grandpa's friend.

They say he was only unaccounted for maybe 10 to 20 minutes. The family's campsite was very secluded, but that being said they are not ruling out the possibility of an abduction. When we ask the chief deputy about he possibility of an abduction, he would not comment.