LEMHI COUNTY, Idaho (KTVB)- The search for two-year-old DeOrr Kunz Jr., who went missing Friday during a family camping trip, continued in and around the Stone Reservoir Thursday. Searchers in Lemhi County haven't found a trace of the little boy, despite intense efforts by search dogs, divers, and other experts familiar with these types of disappearances. Thursday morning more family members showed up in support of DeOrr's parents, who have been camping out near the search site and reservoir waiting for any news about their son.

KTVB went back up to Stone Reservoir where divers were back in the water Thursday. The floor of this lake is very muddy, it has silt and dirt, so divers are trying to be as thorough as they can. A visual, as best they can in that mud, the divers are also using probes.

Down Timber Creek Road more family has arrived to support the boy's parents who are camping out. DeOrr's father is still doing ATV searches of his own. Penner says the family has been asked to stay close by. Also on scene, more tracking dogs were brought in to help expand the search below the original campsite where the boy went missing.