Sonic spills his rings as Sega lets its investors know they're in a bit of a slump.

CVG reports that Sega has told its investors that its profits took a heavy blow following an underwhelming spring business period compared to last year. For the April-June trading period of 2013, Sega's overall revenue weighed in at roughly $878 million. In 2014, the corporation's revenue was $857 million. While Sega didn't release anything particularly groundbreaking during either of these periods, it did launch Phantasy Star Online 2 in the spring of 2013 for the iOS and Android markets of Japan and expanded its PC edition over to multiple other countries in Southeast Asia during this time. The MMORPG has a fairly large following in Japan.

Sega's expenses were also attributed to its significant decline as the company's net income for the April to June 2014 period was $54 million, compared to the $125 million profit it made during the same period the year before. Sega's only noteworthy title for April-June 2014 was Sonic Jump Fever on the iOS format.

The next major release Sega has on deck is Creative Assembly's Alien: Isolation. Even then, there is a strong chance many gamers will not even bother with the title due to the stigma that remains for Aliens: Colonial Marines.