You'll be surprised by this list of animals that are most likely to kill you this summer... Not only by the ones that are on it but by the animals that are not on the list.I bet you thought you were going to see sharks on this, list didn't you? Well, even though two teens were recently attacked by sharks last Sunday in North Carolina, they should be the least of your concerns when thinking of animals that could do you real harm.

Did you know that deer kill around 200 people per year? It's obviously not intentional but around 200 people die every year by hitting them with their car, making them the number one animal that kills people in the U.S.

Others that made the list:

2.  Bees and wasps kill about 58 people every year.

3.  Dogs kill 28.  (Keep them on leashes, people... seriously!)

4. Cows kill an average of 20 people each year. I'm betting ranchers and dairymen are at higher risk on this one and I'm guessing most of the deaths are accidents. But a mean bull is very capable of killing.

5. Mosquitos kill nine people every year.

6. Venomous spiders, kill seven.

7. Venomous snakes and lizards account for about six deaths per year. This number was much lower that I expected. Maybe the stories about snake bite victims are similar to those about sharks. It doesn't happen often, but when it does, it's more talked about.

Stay safe, my friends.

Washington Post