When someone refers to one of our Idaho attractions as bizarre, we take that as a big compliment. Considering how bizarre the rest of us Idahoans can be, being the most bizarre is really a compliment.

Only In Your State just named the Shoshone Ice Cave figures as the most bizarre roadside attraction in Idaho. If you've been living under a rock or maybe a lava tube, the figures can be found around that area and include dinosaurs, indians, etc. I think my personal favorite is a combination figure that has a pre-historic person riding what looks to be a brontosaurus.

You don't have to drive far to rub elbows with the Shoshone Ice Cave figures. A brief jaunt up Highway 93/75 will get you there in about 50 minutes on a good day.

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You will discover it's just about impossible to not take a selfie with the cave guy riding the brontosaurus.