Some schools are now considering taking swing sets off school playgrounds because they are too dangerous. Are we going too far?

As parents, it's our job to make sure that our kids have a safe and fun childhood. Safety and fun seem like two things that would be relatively easy to give your child... until you consider the bubble wrapped society we live in.

According to ABC 4 - Spokane, some schools in Washington have already taken out there swing sets because children have been injured. The majority of the accidents aren't happening to children while swinging, but are occurring when a child is walking in front of the swings. If children don't get out of the way, they are knocked over by the child in the swing.

Because of these injuries some schools are under pressure from insurance companies to get rid of their swings!

Are we going a little too far here, or do you see this as justified? If we're taking out swing sets, why not merry-go-rounds? Kids could fall off. Or jungle gyms? Kids can and have broken bones on these. Why not just eliminate recess altogether, wrap our kids in bubbles, and make them sit quietly in front of us so we can watch their every single move?

Hey, wait, you know all of those kids from the 60's and 70's who played on swings, jungle gyms, rode bikes without helmets, and were allowed to be kids? They are our parents and they turned out just fine.

What's our problem?