I saw a post on the KOOL 96.5 Facebook Page yesterday with an interesting observation--actually something that had never even crossed my mind--Should the best Christmas gifts come from the mom and dad or Santa?

KOOL Facebook Post

Here is the logic behind the question: Not all families are in the same financial situations - so is it fair if Santa brings one house bikes, Playstation 4, an iPad, and other expensive stuff and then the house next door the kids get a book or a hat?

How would that make the kids feel? Does Santa love one family more? Was the kid that received the inexpensive presents on the naughty list?

I can understand the logic. It's the same reason we don't have winners in kids' sports activities anymore and give everyone trophies. We don't want any kid to feel bad, or to believe that they are not as good as another child.

So should the best presents under the Christmas Tree come from mom and Dad, or from Santa? What do you think?