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In Idaho, We Bowl With Rifles (WATCH)
If you haven't figured this out by now, we do things a little different in Idaho. This is a great example. When it comes to bowling, who needs balls when you have rifles? Not us!
Idaho Drivers Can Identify With This Truck Nearly Blown Over
If there's one thing we can appreciate in Idaho, it's a strong wind. But, if there's one thing we don't like driving through in Idaho, it's a strong wind. That's why we can identify with this driver who was nearly blown over while crossing a bridge.
What It's Like to Climb Skyline at the City of Rocks
If you've been to the City of Rocks, you know this rock is one of the most iconic in the park. But, have you ever wondered exactly what it's like to climb Skyline? Now, you can thanks to a brand new video that was just shared.
Nazzkart is Back...in Boise
Our YouTube friend, Arnel, is a funny guy. He had us going for a little bit with a new video where he proclaims that the long lost NazzKart was back in Twin Falls. Actually, not so much.