BUHL, Idaho (News Release) – A signal-upgrade project at the intersection of U.S. Highway 30 and Idaho 46 in Buhl will impact traffic Wednesday, July 6, with a signal outage and lane restrictions. The upgrades will improve overall safety and efficiency for traffic through the intersection.

The signal – at the intersection of Broadway Avenue, Clear Lake Road and Burley Avenue – will receive upgrades that include installing LED lights, replacing the signal cabinet and controller, replacing existing left-turn signals with flashing yellow arrow (FYA) signals, and upgrading pedestrian signals with LED lights. Vehicle detection and signal timing will be adjusted to improve signal efficiency.

A change to lane assignment will be incorporated for southbound traffic entering the intersection which will isolate left-turning traffic in to the left lane and combine through traffic and right-turn traffic into a single lane.

Associated signage and lane markings will be incorporated with the new layout. No other lane assignment changes will take place.

The signal will be turned off for a portion of the day during cabinet replacement. Drivers are reminded to watch for traffic-control measures including four-way stop signs or flaggers controlling the intersection.

Twin Falls-based Balanced Rock Electric is the contractor for the $540,694 project to work on 22 signals throughout the Magic and Wood River valleys. Work is expected to be complete this summer.

Signals in Burley, Hailey, Heyburn, Jerome, Ketchum, Paul and Rupert are also included in the upgrade project. The upgrades are focused on aging signals with obsolete technology or equipment and will improve the signals to current standards.