Good news: that triangular, inflatable airplane pillow you always thought about buying in SkyMall... well, you can once again make your dream a reality.

Like some kind of quirky gift catalog zombie, SkyMall is coming back from the dead.

In January, millions of readers and (maybe?) dozens of buyers shed a tear upon hearing the news that SkyMall filed for bankruptcy. Time reported:

SkyMall fell victim to declining sales as revenue dropped from $33.7 million in 2013 to just $15.8 million for the first nine months of 2014. In a court filing, Wiley blamed the fall-off in sales on the fact that more and more passengers now spend their flights engaged with their smartphones and tablets due to technological advances, such as in-flight WiFi, as well as evolving air safety rules that provide allow passengers to keep their mobile devices on during flights.

New Jersey-based C&A Marketing, who also owns Polaroid and Ritz Camera, acquired SkyMall in 2014 and has assured those who are in love with the Robot Litter Box and the Alien Butler that the weirdest, strangest, and intriguing items will return to the back pockets of airplane seats everywhere.

But there is some bad news for the four people on Planet Earth who were regular buyers of SkyMall wares. The rewards program *sniff* has been discontinued! NOOOOO!