You have to look hard, but there's still snow in Idaho. Two Red Bull snow bikers found it and filmed a killer video of their adventure.

Here's their description from their YouTube channel.

The snowbike: a seemingly normal motocross bike modified with a front ski and a 10 inch wide track in the back, making for one of the most innovative and versatile snow machines we've ever seen. Professional Snowbike riders Brock Hoyer & Reagan Seig take to the Idaho backcountry with freerider Ronnie Renner to lay first tracks on some backcountry bowls and steep chutes - taking the sport, and the timbersled, to places previously unridden.

Brock and Reagan are professionals, so don't try this unless you really like hitting trees at a high rate of speed. Heck, I would probably be lucky to make it 6 feet before the snow would dump me off the bike.

If you would like to see some of the other crazy stuff these dudes have done, you can check out the film company that follows them around on their Facebook page.