FAIRFIELD, Id ( KMVT / KSVT ) - For just a little less than $150,000, you can purchase your very own ski resort.

Soldier Mountain is officially up for grabs.

This isn't the first time family friendly ski hill has changed hands.

"I've been here actually an instructor in 1978. So it had some really good snow years. We had numbers up into the 20,000's. And we did really well. And then we purchased the ski resort from some other folks from Ketchum and we were partners with them. And then Bruce Willis purchased it from us. And then Bruce Willis ran it for 16 and then donated it back to a 501-C3 and there was a group in the community that he donated it to, and they asked us to come back and see if we would run the ski resort, " said Don Schiermeier, Soldier Mountain Manager.

Soldier Mountain was first listed for sale in April and they only received a few inquiries.

It’s not until they posted the sale onto Facebook on October 15th, the sale went viral, and they've sent out over 2000 packets to interested individuals.

"New Zealand, China, we had a gentleman from South Africa, he was in Florida. It’s been all over in the advertisements in San Francisco. We're in like 4 or 5 ski magazines are picking up on this," said Schiermeier.

The mountain will which see buyers are serious in the next few days.

The final deadline for applicants to wire in the full amount to purchase the resort is on Wednesday.

Out of those individuals, the Soldier Mountain board members will decide who gets to buy Soldier.

"I think it'd be better if someone who bought it was familiar with the area. And that would help the community out with money. And also the people that are here like to use that place a lot. I mean it's a fun activity place for kids and everything else," said Travis Watson, a Fairfield resident.

Soldier Mountain will announce its new owners on November 3rd.