Somebody is claiming that potatoes are unhealthy. Don't they realize that those are fighting words in Idaho?

You really do need to read this article for yourself before you draw your weapons. It appears to be from some European people and they still don't believe in shaving arm pit hair over there. Here are some of their flawed words for you to read yourself.

The work, published in the journal of Food and Nutrition Research, examined food consumption, heart disease and cholesterol levels in the most up-to-date international statistics and raised questions about the reliability of traditional data, much of which was carried out decades ago.

Did you notice the doctor's name is Pavel? Who can trust anyone named Pavel? Would you trust Pavel more than certified health nut expert, Denise Austin? We (Idaho) paid her a lot of money to talk about how healthy Idaho potatoes are.

Shape magazine, an objective health magazine that tends to put pretty people on the cover, also believes that potatoes are more healthy than not.

Overall, I think the good outweighs the bad, especially if like me, potatoes are one of your favorite foods. However, I do think moderation is key.

Moderation in Idaho? Ha ha, that's a good one. We will never try that one day.

The bottom line is that anything in extremes can be bad for you. As for me, I'll take an Idaho potato over just about any other food anytime. Sorry, Pavel.