Idaho is not known for being a real active state when it comes to tornadoes. But, of the ones that have happened over the years, some of the strongest have been in our neck of the woods in Southern Idaho.

I decided to do some research into this after last week's somewhat enthusiastic thunderstorm. Nothing in that storm had any significant rotation, but it made me wonder how many of these storms actually drop funnels and do damage.

One site where I found some good information is Tornado Project. They break it down by county and here are some of the twisters that they've recorded in a few of our counties.

For example, Twin Falls County had F1 tornadoes back in 1957, 1985 and 1986. There have been a few since then, but nothing that has registered on the Fujita scale.

One of the strongest Idaho tornadoes was recorded in Jerome County on June 9, 1990. It was a F2 that hit around 5:45 pm that night, but fortunately did not cause any fatalities.

Tornado History Project documented a strong F2 in Minidoka County on September 11, 1968. That one didn't kill anyone either, but was easily powerful enough to rearrange your furniture.

The bottom line is Idaho doesn't have many tornadoes. But, when storms like the one we had last week pop up, better to be mentally prepared for the possibility just in case.