Since we are relatively new in this area, there's a very good chance that my family has not lived in Twin as long as yours has. So, feel free to dismiss this as a naive opinion of someone who just doesn't understand. In most cases, I would agree with you. But, I believe that many people in Twin Falls don't really know how good they've got it.

I hear a growing collective moaning about how bad things have become in Twin. I realize this is based on specific incidents like drive-by shootings, assaults and the super-controversial refugee issue.

Just for a little perspective, my family just moved here from an area where there were 3 shootings in the past month. Those attacks were not just in our town, but in the apartment complex where we lived.

In my hometown, there have been several occasions where criminals can actually be seen running down the streets of neighborhoods, weapons in hand. To give you an idea, Twin Falls is rated a 49.7 out of 100 for property crime compared to my hometown which is a 82.8.

There have been several tragedies that have occurred in Twin since we moved here. But, it's not the tragedies that have made an impression on our family. It's how people in this community responded that is so unique.

When the infant girl, Angel Rose, was found abandoned by the side of the road just after the holidays, the entire city adopted her and numerous businesses covered the cost of a wonderful funeral.

When firefighter Ryan Franklin was tragically killed in a bike accident a few weeks ago, numerous residents and organizations spent hours collecting funds to take care of Ryan's wife and children.

If you've lived in Twin Falls for a long period of time, maybe you don't realize how special this is.

I'm not a pie-in-the-sky type of person. I know that Twin Falls has some very serious problems to figure out. My family falls in the middle of the refugee problem. We love to see legitimate families that are seeking a safe place to live be welcomed here, be they refugee or whoever. But, we are incredibly angry when anyone - refugee or not - intentionally brings harm to anyone, especially children.

But, it's my hope that people here understand that this community is special. Southern Idaho is special. The Magic Valley is a great place to make a home.

If you don't believe me, go live in another part of the country for a few years. Just maybe you'll realize that you really did have it good here in Twin.