This will probably not be the most shocking thing you hear today, but there's a lady in Boise that thinks she saw a UFO this week. She didn't know what it was, so technically I guess that does make it a UFO.

Looks too large to be a planet and too bright.

It's a short video - only around 27 seconds - and it's hard to see the little light in the sky that got her attention, but it's just over the tree line. Here's a zoomed and cropped version of what she got freaked out by.

Ufo Hunters via YouTube

Here's her description which is actually quite detailed for a lady who sounded like she was just waking up.

I noticed this white ball at 11am, 12 o'clock position. By 2pm it was no longer visible at 9 o'clock without binoculars. Traveling from South to North. Looks too large to be a planet and too bright. I'm guessing that it is about 40-50,000 feet. I also have video. I'm stumped.

I'll have to take her word on movement. Looked just like a light in the sky to me. What do you think? Do you have an explanation on what she was seeing? Or, is it time to call the X-Files people to Idaho again?