We always knew Boise was a little "different". Now, maybe we know why. There is a new video claiming to capture a UFO over the city.

Technically, this person is correct. It is a UFO since we don't exactly know what it is. So, yes, it's unidentified. But, before I get into dissecting exactly what I think about the video, a very special award to this person for the longest YouTube description in human history. You should seriously read this thing and see what you make of it.


Wow. Just wow.

The video (for me, anyway) doesn't really get interesting until about the :42 mark. At that point, they zoom in to try and get a close-up of whatever this thing is.

There's no point of reference as far as what part of the sky this guy is looking at. My first guess would be a planet since I can't really detect any kind of movement (other than the rather jerky camera movement perhaps inspired by several energy drinks).

What do you think? Do you have a more scientific answer or did this guy really prove our belief that Boise is populated by aliens?