Gotta love the sense of humor of Twin Falls. It appears there is someone who is rearranging Snicker bars so they represent insults.

In case you're wondering how this is possible, Snickers swapped out their name on some of the candy bar wrappers to represent hunger symptoms a year or so ago. A comedian in Twin Falls is using these adjectives to put you down in the check out lane.

I've seen the candy bars pictured above arranged to spell out "cranky, rebellious goofball being dramatic". "Whiny, grouchy, spacey, loopy" is also a common phrase. I know someone is doing it on purpose, because half the time they lay them out in order in a different candy's box to draw attention to it.

Are you the Snickers culprit? Time to fess up if you're the reason my self-esteem takes a hit every time I buy groceries.