Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV ) Glanbia Foods will soon be adding 40 new jobs to its operations in Twin Falls and Gooding. The new full–time positions will pay an average of over $20 an hour plus benefits. Positions will include production operations, maintenance, management and more. The jobs will come as a result of Idaho Workforce Development Training Funds, to the tune of $167,000. It was given to Glanbia by the Idaho Department of Labor.

"The payroll for those 40 new jobs is over a million and a half dollars on an annual basis. So you take a community like Gooding where most of these jobs are going to be created, a million and a half dollars on an annual basis in the community of Gooding, that's a pretty significant economic impact,” said Brent Tolman with the department of labor. For every job created there is another one to one and a half jobs created as a direct economic impact.