Based on what I’ve seen in newspapers from around the globe, Germany seems to take the lead on people doing strange things.

Here in the United States, Florida seems to be the leader in weirdness, despite appeals in our state capital to “Keep Austin Weird.” But on college campuses in the state of Michigan, weirdness has reached a new level, at least in the kinds of clubs one can join.

Take The Squirrel Club on the campus of the University of Michigan for example.  It’s members number in the hundreds, and one activity the club is involved in is the practice of what’s referred to as “peanut outreach.”

Meanwhile, at M.S.U., you can join your fellow amphibian lovers in the Herp Club.

At Michigan Technical College if you’re in the Lumberjack Club, you are required to “legitimately own flannel.”

Northern Michigan University is home to The Tree Musketeers, where you can learn the skill of transferring from tree to tree using branches.

And at Western Michigan University, there is the “Dignified United Crust Eaters Society, who vow to make sure that “no crust goes undigested.”

Keep in mind this only a mere sampling of the possibilities on Michigan college campuses.

Reminds me of the movie "Animal House."

Can you say double secret probation?

By Chris Kai