I will warn you. This may seriously tick you off. It did me. A guy saw a moose trying to cross a river and did the stupidest thing you can possibly do.

I hate to say this about another human being, but he probably should have drowned. The moose was obviously in distress. Yet, this redneck jumped on its back and rode it halfway across the river.

The moose appears to have survived, but you can tell by the yell after he mounts it that it's far from pleased.

It's obvious this dude is not the sharpest knife in the drawer. I guess he didn't get the memo that moose are more dangerous than grizzlies.

Too bad that the US Fish and Game officers can't catch this guy and slap him with a massive fine. Or, even better, put a female moose costume on him and turn him loose in the woods during the male's mating season.