TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX) – You’re likely to see Ninja Turtles and DC Comics characters roaming the streets at the end of the month. Superhero costumes are the rave this Halloween, say a couple of local retailers.

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“It’s probably our biggest year for superhero costumes,” said Susan Buhler, owner of Poindexter’s Novelty & Costume Shop in downtown Twin Falls.

Of the superhero outfits, popularity seems to run across the board; there’s not just one that is selling more than another.

“They’ve all been popular” with children and adults alike, she said.

Another costume popular among adults who shop the store are pirate costumes. They’re popular among women, Buhler said, who in turn seem to have an easier time getting their men into pirate outfits.

A costume that has not been selling well this year: clowns.

It’s probably our biggest year for superhero costumes,” says Susan Buhler, owner of Poindexter’s Novelty & Costume Shop in downtown Twin Falls. "They've all been popular.

Buhler said the creepy clown sightings reported in many places across the country the past several weeks, including a few instances of alleged clown threats locally, has hurt clown costume sales.

“It’s probably a good thing to avoid dressing like a clown this year,” she said.

At Zurchers, located at the north end of town, store manager Amy Sullivan said “everything” has been selling well, but there have been more sales on the superhero side of things.

Is she seeing one superhero selling more than another?

Nope, she said. They’re all selling, especially capes and masks. But for girls, Ninja Turtles outfits are popular among the high school crowd.

Except for a couple of differences, the local trend seems to be in line with national trends.

A report by USA Today about Halloween costumes listed superhero outfits at the top of the list, with Batman and Wonder Woman most popular among children. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton masks are listed as most popular for adults.

Harley Quinn, a super-villain from this year’s Suicide Squad movie, also was on the list among popular costumes for women. In the same article, clowns made the top five under most popular costumes for adults.