Each week during Repeat It Or Delete It Season Three, I’m featuring local/regional bands/musicians.

This week, lets meet Swift N Sassy Band.  This is the first year this band has appeared on Repeat It Or Delete It.

Swift N Sassy Band has a Heart-like sound and is chick-led by Ms. Sassy Lee (lead vocals/ guitar), then there's Stephanie AKA the Stephanator (bassist/vocals), A~Ridge (drum/vocals), and last but NOT least GuitarKin (lead guitarist/vocals).

In the brief time I spent with Swift N Sassy Band, I learned that they like to party, tequila is their drink of choice, however, they are VERY serious about their music.  Yes, they're rock stars.

Check out Swift N Sassy Band in action on Saturday, August 11th at West Magic Resort

  • $10 Admission
  • Music Concert Series.
  • Music starts at 6pm till 10pm
  • Bring a lawn chair!
  • Fun for all ages.

Lighting round questions:

Download Audio.

As for Swift N Sassy Band's music, the song they will feature on Repeat It Or Delete It is called "Crank It Up Loud":

Download Audio.

What's that you want more Swift N Sassy Band? You can get it during Week Four of Repeat It Or Delete It when Swift N Sassy Band takes on Week One, Two, AND Three Winner Paul Castronova.

VIA SwiftNSassyBand.com