Unique Twin Falls Business
I love finding fun, unique, family owned businesses in Twin Falls, especially when the business is based around making children happy!
Rebecca from Twin Falls owns and operates Totally Twisted Balloon Animals.
The business offers a variety of different balloon services:

Balloon Twisting for a private p…
Wolf Being Trained as Therapy Dog
Anyone that has stayed in the hospital for a long period of time knows that service dogs can be extremely useful for lifting moods. When choosing a breed for a service dog I would think anything with WOLF in it would be out of the question.
Should Circus’s Be Banned?
As a child I loved going to the circus. I thought the elephants were amazing, the ladies were beautiful and clowns were funny. But not all kids love the circus.
Pet Birthday Parties [POLL]
New trend alert! Apparently, people are having Birthday parties for their animals. Especially on milestone Birthdays like the 1st Birthday, the 13th Birthday and the 16th Birthday.
Can These Animals Play Classic Rock?
The above video features an installation at the Peabody Essex Museum in Massachusetts where Zebra Finches get to play instruments.  The installation was done by a French artist with a musical background.  The Boston Globe reports that all the guitars are tuned a certain way so that th…

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