Celebrity Apprentice

Mr. Skin On Bob And Tom
We've got a jam-packed show lined up for your Thursday morning.   We'll talk with comedian Adam Carolla about, among other things, Celebrity Apprentice.
Comedian Steve Rannazzisi, Bob Zany and Jim Breuer will all step up to the Bob & Tom in-studio comedy mic.
Nikki Glasser’s On Bob And Tom
Fridays are great…and they're made better by some fun on The Bob & Tom Show!
We'll get a jump start on the weekend when we talk with Penn Jillette.  He's appearing on this season's Celebrity Apprentice, Sunday on NBC.  We'll also have some laughs wi…
Gary Busey Fired From ‘The Celebrity Apprentice’
The Meat Loaf-Gary Busey feud came to a close on last night's episode of 'The Celebrity Apprentice,' as chairman Donald Trump (finally?) bid farewell to the Oscar-nominated actor.
In a tense boardroom meeting, a visibly frustrated Meat Loaf spoke about his team's disorganization, to the point where h…

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