There Was A Earthquake Near Old Faithful Today
There was a rather small earthquake today that would normally not be worth mentioning except for the fact that this happened in a very famous place. It occurred just to the south of Old Faithful in Yellowstone National Park.
A 3.9 Quake Just Happened South Of Elko
The USGS is reporting that a 3.9 earthquake hit today just south of Elko, Nevada. Granted, a 3.9 isn't the type of quake you see making California fall into the ocean in the movies. But, it's big enough that it makes you pay attention.
Did You Feel The Earthquake In Idaho Last Night?
Did you feel the 2.6 earthquake that happened just before midnight Saturday night near Challis, Idaho? Of course, you didn't. An earthquake this small wouldn't wake the chickens if their hen house was located directly over where the 2.6 was centered.
Is A Big Earthquake Imminent In The Pacific Northwest?
There is no proven way to accurately predict earthquakes. However, there is concern among seismologists that something big may be brewing in the Pacific Northwest due to the fact that there have been thousands of earthquakes in the region over the past two weeks.

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