Is Hot Ponds Outside of Jackpot Really Haunted?
Recently, we shared a drone video of the abandoned hot springs outside of Jackpot. It provided a unique glimpse of what used to be a very active place. Some listeners told us they had heard it was haunted, so we decided to investigate.
Highway 93 Closed South of Jackpot Closed
TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX) Travelers intending to head south on Highway 93 into Nevada will need to make alternate plans. The roadway is blocked by flooding in several areas from Wells to Jackpot. The crossing of the Salmon Falls Creek near Jackpot has completely covered the highway and rest area...
There Is One Home Available In Jackpot And This Is It
Have you ever abused amused yourself by looking for an available home in Jackpot, Nevada? I have gone to Zillow and done a search just for fun and found nothing in that area. That's why I was shocked this time to find a Jackpot home that you can actually buy.
What Did This Guy Shoot (And Blow Up) In Jackpot?
Have you ever seen something that you don't completely understand and it bothers you until you figure it out? That's my deal. I've seen something and I have to know what this guy and his friends shot near Jackpot that caused a huge explosion.

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