People that aren't from Twin Falls just don't understand. We do things here that aren't done other places. Or, if they're done other places, they aren't done with as much style as we do in Twin. Sorry other places, but the truth hurts. Here are the 10 most Twin Falls things you can do.

10. Figure out whether to go left, slightly left, straight, mostly straight or kinda right.

Google Maps Street View

Directions in Twin Falls are merely a suggestion. There is no absolute left or right, just variations. If you don't believe me, send someone new to town to Kimberly Road and tell us when you hear from them again.

9. Wave at horses on the way to work and not think anything about it

Photo, Doc Holliday

We love our animals in Twin and we aren't limited to dogs and cats. When you drive around town, you will see horses and even the occasional snow leopard, maybe.

8. Wait 10 minutes to make a left turn out of the Magic Valley Mall.

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Trying to turn left out of the Magic Valley Mall onto Bridgeview is the one thing we all know is going to be painful, but we all do it. Cross traffic is coming from at least 8 possible directions. And, to make matters worse, a lot of them are all cranked up on lattes especially the ones coming from the right.

7. Not honk at other people in traffic.

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Someone in front of you doesn't go even though the light turns green. In Twin, you sit there and you don't honk. We don't do that here. We'll wait until our bladder explodes before we hit the horn behind you. If someone does honk, you know you're being followed by a Californian.

6. Make fun of potatoes sent here from Washington state

Clemens Bilan, Getty Images

There are some mysteries that can't be solved. Who shot JFK? Dunno. Where is Jimmy Hoffa buried? No idea. Why would anyone in Idaho bring in potatoes from Washington state? WHY? WHY? WHY!

5. Listen to the latest rumor of who's jumping Snake River Canyon.

Photo, Doc Holliday

Robbie Knievel is going to jump Snake River Canyon? OK, we're waiting. Oh, it's some guy from Texas? Yawn. For all we know, Wile E Coyote will hook up an ACME rocket to his back and jump the thing. If you haven't heard a rumor about someone jumping the canyon, then you haven't been to Twin Falls.

4. We call our town "Twin" and not "Twin Falls"

Twin Falls people are smart. We know we have Shoshone Falls here. We know the name of our fair city is Twin Falls. However, once you've been embraced by the rest of the locals, you are allowed to call the city "Twin". Someone just said "Twin Falls"? Must be another Californian.

3. Complain about the government

Justin Sullivan, Getty Images

You think every town complains about the government, right? You haven't lived until you have come to Twin and heard us complain about the feds. We do it in a way completely unique to Twin. By the time we're done, you'd swear that we're hiding our militia uniforms in an upstairs closet. We aren't doing that, by the way. At least not that we'd tell you just in case you're a NSA snitch.

2. Talk to each other about where we were when Evel Knievel was in town.

David Ashdown, Getty Images

September 8, 1974 is a day we remember around here for good and bad reasons. Some of us worked at the old Holiday Inn when Evel Knievel attempted to jump the Snake River Canyon. I also talked to a guy who's dad helped pull Evel out of the Snake River after he crashed. And, if we weren't in Twin when Evel jumped the canyon, we'll gladly make something up.

1. We watch people jump off of our bridge - ALOT.

Photo, Townsquare Media

We have a perfectly great bridge here called the Perrine - in case you haven't heard of it. People jump off of it. It's no big deal. People jump off a bridge in your town not named Twin? Yeah, probably police and ambulances being called, right? Not so in Twin. People jump off our bridge and we love it. Cause that's what we do in Twin.