There's a website called Female First that recently published a list of the most comforting sounds for couples based on research by Amplifon. Not meaning to brag, but radio is #2. No matter, their list inspired me to do some research and find out what the 5 LEAST comforting sounds for couples would be in the Magic Valley. Here's what I found.

5. The sound of the wind picking up your trampoline and throwing it into a tree.

I don't have a trampoline, but I have friends that do. When you combine the ownership of a trampoline with our legendary Southern Idaho winds, you have a recipe for a sound you don't want, but will inevitably hear.

4. Hearing the crop duster go over your home at 5:45 in the morning.

There are a lot of crops in the Magic Valley that needs dusting - apparently. But, do they need to be dusted that early in the morning? I think not, but it happens all the time.

3. Motorcycle wanna-be's trying to impress women with their massive engines at 2 am.

What is it about Twin Falls that inspires the guys with the crotch rockets to feel the need to send out their 2-wheeled mating call in the wee hours of the morning? It's perfectly OK to try and find that perfect girl who's impressed by motorcycles at 6 pm, too.

2. Blue Lakes

It's ironic that you cross the world famous Perrine Bridge spanning the beautiful Snake River Canyon and you end up on Blue Lakes, the road where hope goes to die. Which sound is least comforting on Blue Lakes? Yes.

1. Silence

There is one thing you don't want to hear in the Magic Valley and that's silence. Is silence actually a sound? Probably not, but when you don't hear anything in the Magic Valley, that means that someone is plotting something.