I realize I've set a high bar with that title, but I think I'm on to something.

I've lived in Texas, Massachusetts, Iowa, Wisconsin, visited dozens of other states, and I can say without a doubt, when it comes to strange, Idaho has the rest of these places beat: in less than two hours driving time, you can be at a fully legal, licensed brothel.

A BROTHEL. Y'know. Exchange your hard, throbbing cash for a night of memorable togetherness and probable STI's. It ain't cheap, with some comments on Yelp (haha... there are comments on Yelp...) saying, for example, an evening of adult, uh, *interaction*, starts at $500.

These brothels are all over Nevada. In fact, wikipedia lists 20 active brothels, though I'll admit my ability to count -- which already needs improvement -- suffers dramatically when reading about such topics... a condition which also affects patrons like Mr. V who says he was swindled... "SWINDLED"... out of $1,400. Another on that same page mentions $3,000.


As someone who has never so much as driven by an active brothel (downtown Twin Falls is full of former brothels like this one...), I had no idea such a place existed in the United States, much less one I can drive to in less than the time it takes to watch Pretty Woman.

With some reports saying prostitution is a $14 billion plus industry in the U.S., I suppose the explanation is there. This Twin Falls man wanted his own piece of the action. George Tate aspired to purchase a brothel in Elko, NV.

Even though Tate was rejected numerous times by the Elko City Council, while all the other kids in his Tate's early childhood classrooms shouted, "Policeman!" "Doctor!" Tate undoubtedly shouted, "Own Sue's Fantasy Club!" which he finally acquired. He now owns and operates the establishment in Elko, Nevada.