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Barking Owls, | Electric Solstice,

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This week, The Barking Owls from Kimberly, Idaho are back to take on The Electric Solstice!

First off meet "The Barking Owls" from Kimberly, Idaho:

The Barking Owls,


The Barking Owls plays an original blend of music, drawing from pop, folk, rock, country, and bluegrass. The band's diversity of styles is reflected in the variety of instruments used to support their literate hooks and vocal harmonies, including guitar, banjo, mandolin, bass, harmonica, and various percussive instruments. The Barking Owls is currently working on their first recording project.

The Barking Owls have a very cool sound and very unique. Which is why I think I enjoy their music so much. Actually, they pegged themselves as "Grunge-Grass." Sounds like something illegal to me, but I like it!

"The Barking Owls" is a four-piece:

  • Erik Wenninger vocals, guitar
  • Andy Cluff banjo, mandolin, vocals
  • Adam Crofts bass, upright bass, vocals
  • Karl Sloth drums, percussion
  • And the co-song writer, who shall remain name-less.

See them for yourselves...check out all their show dates here.

"The Barking Owls" interview:

Here's "The Barking Owl's" Song "Long Tall Country Boy":

The first time I saw "The Barking Owls" in action was at Beer Fest last month. I was drunk and inappropriate and they were really good! :-)

Up next is The Electric Solstice from Albion, Idaho:

According to the band's Facebook page:

This is a musical project thats all about the soul searching and struggles that we all must go through, and the ultimate celebration of life and all it's glory.

Once you hear CrazyJ on vocals, I guarantee you will recognize his voice. In the past he has performed vocals on last year's Repeat It Or Delete It - Season Two Champions "Dogs On The Lam."

Here is the bands full bio:


I live in know-wheres'sville, had many struggles to find good original musician's, and stay connected since I'm so far away. So I began this project since I couldn't stop the songs from coming out. This project has now been named 'The Electric Solstice'-and I hope everyone checks it out n diggs the music!~!

Band Members:

CrazyJ-Vocals, all guitar work, bass and drums-(except 'Ill Function'-drums by Gary 'Gargamel ' H.) Mystery bands members- Sound mixing, Samples, loops and lighting effects, ect...

Here is my interview with CrazyJ from "The Electric Solstice":

Here is "The Electric Solstice" with their song "":

Don't Forget:

  • Tonight's show (Wednesday, October 10th, 2012 at 7PM - after the BSU Coach's show at 6PM) will re-air this Saturday (October 13th, 2012) at 6PM...after the BSU Football game.
  • Voting closes at midnight on Monday, October 15h.