We’re on a quest to find the best milkshake in the Twin Falls area.  Check out our picks and let us know what you think.

For the sake of comparing shakes to shakes, we narrowed down the type of shake to the “eat with a spoon” variety.  So if you’re a fan of thin shakes, we’ll circle back around to that next time.

  • Shakeout

    The Shakeout has been long touted as one of the best places to get a shake.  Owners have come and gone over the last several years but we think the product has been pretty consistent.

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  • McDonald's

    McDonald’s has to be on this list for their McFlurry… And I know I said this post wasn’t about drinkable shakes but the Shamrock Shake has become one of my seasonal staples.

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  • Shoshone Snack Bar

    Local greasy spoons like the Snack Bar make some the best shakes.  And they don’t hold back on portions. My family and I always stop here on the way to (and from) Sun Valley.

  • DQ

    Say what you want about chains, DQ Blizzards are the sole reason I go to DQ

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  • Burger Stop

    The Burger Stop in Twin is known for their gloriously greasy food and shakes.  If you’re doing a post about the best shakes, you have to include Burger Stop.

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  • Sonic

    I know people who go to Sonic just for their drinks and shakes.

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  • Culvers

    Culvers has their own version of a Blizzard called a Concrete Mixer.  I know people who swear they are the best.  And one of the nice things about them is that you can choose between the flavors of ice cream that you use in your shake

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