We're Idaho and "strange" is our middle name. That includes the dog we Google more than any other. It's as wacky as we are.

I'll give you 50 guesses and you'll still probably not guess this. If you did guess "Tibetan Spaniel", you probably just escaped from the home.


The Estately Blog did some digging (unintentional dog pun) and checked Google Trends from 2004 to present. Yep, in Idaho, we just can't get enough of the Tibetan Spaniel.

If you think we're weird, check out our neighbors. What's your story, Utah? The Peruvian Inca Orchid? Really? And, Oregon loves the Persian Mastiff? What are you folks smoking? Wait. We know what you're smoking.

It sure is an interesting dog read. Check out the full list from Estately, if you want. Oh, and one more request. Next time, please just do a search for Labrador so the rest of the world can at least imagine we're somewhat normal. Thanks.