We may have just found the world's cutest dog toy video... it's the iFetch, a crowdfunded dog toy that shoots mini tennis balls.

iFetch ran a kickstarter campaign for $20,000 and so far have received over $80,000 in funds, and this bad boy is now on the market!  It costs $100

Just the other night I played fetch with my collie/retriever/husky named George for a good HOUR with no sign of fatigue from George (me, on the other hand...).

So, I wouldn't mind having a robot substitute for a few minutes of fetch here and there!

Would you get this for your dog?  Their website says they're working on a model for larger dogs, which is good because the current one is TINY even for a mid-size dog.  The ball is 1 1/2 inches in diameter, which is smaller than a tennis ball.