Yes, I will admit from the start that this is a petty, personal gripe. But, I have to speak up now before I explode. The good people of Twin Falls have forgotten how to use the divider bar thing in the checkout lane.

That strange, alien device you see is called a divider bar. It separates things.

I know. First world problem. There are people starving in the Sudan. I get it. On the ranking of things we need to fix in the world, this is way down the list. But, I don't have an easy way to feed people in the Sudan. I can at least attempt to make an appeal to fix this.

Let's get back to basics. This is what I'm talking about.

Photo, Doc Holliday

That strange, alien device you see is called a divider bar. It separates things. The concept is you put your items on the conveyor belt thing then place the divider bar on the left side. This enables the person waiting behind you to put their stuff on the conveyor belt thing, too. It's awesome. Then, the person waiting behind you can focus on paying for said items and putting them back in the cart.

The reason why this gripes me more than others probably is the fact that I have millions of children (slight exaggeration). My trips to the store look like I'm preparing for nuclear war. When I get behind a person (meaning in Twin Falls, everyone) that doesn't use the divider bar, I end up making the increasingly-mad checkout lady wait while I scramble to get my stuff on the belt thing. Then, in a mad dash for survival, I run to the other end and try to make room for her/him to scan the other stuff.

I know I sound like (am) a nag. But, this is all I want for Christmas this year. For one day at least, let's agree to try the divider bar thing. Please and thank you so very much.