We have some very fun celebrations in the Magic Valley. Christmas in the Nighttime Sky is one of they coming up, FYI. But, we lack one very vital event. We need a Bacon Fest and we need it now.

Check this out. Here are all the places that have a Bacon Fest:

Ohio Bacon Fest

Bacon Fest Chicago

Bacon Fest California

San Diego Bacon Fest

Bacon Fest Kansas City

Pennsylvania Bacon Fest

Savannah Bacon Fest

Ozarks Bacon Fest

Need I go on? You're telling me that the Ozarks get a Bacon Fest, but we in the Magic Valley are denied? This cannot stand. Very few people in the Ozarks have their original teeth.

Here's what I need. I need you to tell me if you think the Magic Valley needs a Bacon Fest. (NOTE: please only vote if you're going to say yes. Thanks.)

Perhaps, if enough of us raise some bacon thunder, the powers-that-be will respond with the Bacon Fest you know we all need - right now.