The name "New Nintendo 3DS" may have some people confused on whether or not it's the same system as the existing 3DS, but one good look at the box it comes in and all of that confusion goes right out the window.

Thanks to Kotaku, we have seen that the New Nintendo 3DS' box has more color on its packaging than on the device itself, splashing orange and red and blue around like the colors are going out of style. We get a total retro 80s feel from this, and that's really cool. But wait, that's not the only exuberantly-colored New 3DS box coming:

This box for the other New 3DS handheld is a pastel lover's dream. Sure, this is the type of box we'd expect to see in a Lisa Frank book or something like that, but we still love it nonetheless. Here's to hoping the new handhelds get similar packages when they get their inevitable western release.