These are the people of Trick or Treat on Bish's Street. They are the reason we host this event every single year. Check out this amazing gallery of photos from the event!

This gallery is courtesy of Daniel Veley, an incredible local artist. He captures some of the most stunning and candid moments in and around Twin Falls through his camera lens. He shows us who we are when we think no one is looking. His photos are beautiful and often breath taking.

I love all of the smiling faces in these photos.

Trick or Treat on Bish's Street 2014 was an amazing success. In our new location on Blue Lakes Blvd in the Fred Meyer parking lot, we had well over 3,000 trick or treaters! Thanks to everyone who helped make this event an amazing success, and to all the families who came out for safe, family-friendly trick or treating!

It was a very Happy Halloween! We'll see you next year!