While I was making my daughter her sandwich, she told me I was doing it wrong. Is she right?

I have always assumed there was only one way to make a  peanut butter and jelly sandwich:

Step 1 - Lay your first piece of bread flat on the plate

Step 2 - Spread peanut butter on top of bread

Step 3 - Spread jelly on top of aforementioned peanut butter

Final Step - Top the sandwich with the other half of bread and you're done.

According to my daughter that is sooooo not the way to correctly make a PB & J. This is how you make it according to her:

Step 1 - Spread peanut butter onto one slice of bread.

Step 2 - Spread jelly onto the second slice of bread.

Step 3 - Fold both slices together to complete your sandwich.

It seems strange to worry about separating the two fillings because you're just going to mash them together anyways... Why not just spread them together? I realize this in an election year and there are more pressing matters but I'm dying to know how you do it.